About Us

What Makes Ysabel Vintage Online Different?

Our philosophy is "wearable vintage,"  which means clean, repaired, & ready to wear.   You're not expected to buy dirty goods in poor repair and fix them yourself. 

We also carry a good number of "new old stock" items, meaning that they're authentic true vintage, but new or never worn, or barely so: items in this category may have been purchased by the original owner but didn't fit quite right, received as a well-intended gift that just wasn't the giftee's style, or just infrequently used/worn, put in a drawer & forgotten.  These are the kinds of finds that give us joy, joy, joy---a vintage and antique buyer's ultimate thrill!

That said, vintage is, well, old, by definition.  Even new old stock may have issues, depending on how it was stored & in what kind of climate.  We respect your intelligence & let you know the true condition.

What Are Your Prices Based Upon?

Short answer:  condition, rarity and demand.  We try to carry items that appeal both to the casual wearer of vintage trends as well as the passionate, demanding collectors, as well as a wide variety of design eras, from humble wash 'n wear polyester to linen, leather & cashmere.  Feel free to browse ~ flexible layaway plans are available.  Look for the Klarna  icon at the bottom of pages.

How Did You Get Into Vintage?

Completely naturally ~ a lifelong thing.  It helps to be descended from a long line of history buffs, vintage wearers and treasure seekers, and to have grown up around classics of vintage design in clothing, furniture and automobiles.   It's a passion!